The Association of Academic Radiology (AAR), formerly known as the Association of University Radiologists, is proud to announce its official name change. This significant decision was made by a membership vote during the April Annual Meeting in Boston.

The change from the Association of University Radiologists to the Association of Academic Radiology reflects a deliberate and thoughtful shift towards greater inclusivity within the academic radiology community. Recognizing that the field encompasses more than just universities and radiologists, the new name aims to embrace the entire spectrum of professionals involved in academic radiology.

“Our new name, the Association of Academic Radiology, more closely aligns with the diversity and strengths of our membership,” said Priscilla J. Slanetz, MD, MPH, FAAR. “This new identity further fosters inclusivity and embraces every aspect of academic radiology – education, research, leadership, administration, and more!”

The decision to rebrand was driven by the need to ensure that all members of the academic radiology community feel represented and valued within the organization. The field of academic radiology includes a wide array of professionals, and AAR aims to provide a platform that supports the contributions of each member.

By updating its name, AAR reaffirms its commitment to fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment that nurtures growth, innovation, and excellence in academic radiology. The organization will continue to lead the way in advancing the science and practice of radiology through education, research, and leadership development.

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About the Association of Academic Radiology:
The Association of Academic Radiology (AAR) is dedicated to advancing the field of academic radiology through education, research, leadership, and advocacy. Formerly known as the Association of University Radiologists, AAR represents a diverse and inclusive community of professionals committed to excellence in the radiological sciences.

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