Lux, the startup behind popular pro photography app Halide and others, is venturing into video with its latest app launch. On Wednesday, the company announced Kino, a new video capture app for both professional and amateur videographers. The official launch comes six months after Lux teased the release back in December 2023.

Halide users have long urged Lux to add video support to its popular photography app, but the startup didn’t want to clutter the platform, which is why it’s launching a dedicated video app. Given that Halide, which originally capitalized on the iPhone’s support for RAW photography to win an Apple Design Award, already has a loyal and notable user base, Kino has the potential to succeed as well.

With Kino, Lux is aiming to make it easier for videographers to use their iPhones to shoot cinematic video. Lux recognizes that while Kino won’t be used to shoot the next feature length film, the app will help people who want to get more out of their camera. The startup designed the app to be powerful enough for pros, but not overly intimidating for amateurs. 

The app lets users choose their experience once they get started with the app, which then determines what settings are turned on. Kino features in-app lessons and tips about the basics of video for beginners.

Image Credits: Lux

Kino’s Instant Grade feature lets users press record and create cinematic video with a color preset applied to their recording. Lux says users will be able to capture video with a lot less processing thanks to Apple’s decision to start supporting log video encoding with the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. 

Lux explains that while Apple’s camera can shoot log, it is encoded in Apple ProRes, which results in large files. Kino shoots in HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) for a smaller file size, and your chosen color preset is applied right to your recording.

Kino also features an AutoMotion feature that lets you get a 180-degree shutter angle on footage without having to play around with settings, which leads to cinematic video with the right amount of blur, Lux says. 

Image Credits: Lux

Kino gives professional photographers full control in automatic mode and manual mode. The app offers features like audio levels and device notifications, recording format presets, a quick way to tell time left, an RGB waveform, manual focus with focus peaking, a lockable UI and more. 

Lux says Kino will work especially well with the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, since these devices can shoot Apple Log. However, the company says Kino also works great on older iPhones. 

Users can get access to Kino via a one-time payment. The app is launching on Wednesday at a discounted price of $9.99, and will be priced at $19.99 in a few days. 

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