Did you get the $50 reservation credit from Samsung US? That offer is over now, but don’t feel bad if you missed out – you can get up to $150 off the Z Fold6 price. And if you want one of the other new Galaxy devices, there is a mix of discounts and freebies available for them too.

It’s important to note that you won’t find these offers if you just open samsung.com, you have to go through the links below. Also, this is a Samsung US offer – sorry, the rest of the world.

Here's how to get up to $150 off the Galaxy Z Fold6 price, plus other deals from Samsung US

Starting with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6, you can get $100 off the price by using the link below (note: this isn’t stackable with the $50 reservation credit). Additionally, if you’ve never bought items through the Shop Samsung app, you can get another $50 off (note: technically, this requires a purchase of at least $500, but the Z Fold6 clears that bar). The $100 + $50 offer is valid only for the first 72 hours of the pre-order.

That’s not all, Samsung is offering a free storage upgrade, i.e. you get 512GB for the price of 256GB or 1TB for the price of 512GB (this will become a $240 upgrade after pre-orders end). You can snag a 5% student discount too. And if you’re willing to part with your old device, you can get up to $1,200 of enhanced trade-in credit.

The above offers apply to unlocked devices. However, if you’re going for a carrier deal, you will also get a free year of Samsung Care+. This includes unlimited repairs of phones damaged by drops, spills or with mechanical breakdowns. It even includes theft and loss coverage.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6

12GB RAM, 512GB/1TB storage
free storage upgrade
$100 in Samsung Credit (for the first 72 hours)
$50 more if you’ve never used Shop Samsung before
up to $1,200 trade-in credit
5% student discount
(carrier deal) free year of Care+

Now let’s look at the offers for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6. This one also comes with a free storage upgrade (from 256GB to 512GB). You can reduce the price with up to $650 of enhanced trade-in credit and a 5% student discount. Carrier phones come with a free year of Samsung Care+.

Speaking of the watches, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra comes with a free band (worth $80), up to $350 of enhanced trade-in credit and a higher 10% student discount.

The Galaxy Watch7 is also paired with a free band (worth $70) and its price can be reduced with up to $250 of enhanced trade-in credit and a whopping 20% off with Samsung’s education discount program.

Note: both the Watch Ultra and Watch7 get a 25% discount if you buy them alongside a new Galaxy Z Fold6, Z Flip6, one of the Galaxy S24 phones, a Galaxy Tab S9 tablet or one of the Galaxy Book4 laptops.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds3 and Buds3 Pro come with a gratis Free Clip case (worth $30). The student discount is up to 25% and you can get up to $100 of enhanced trade-in credit.

Finally, the new Galaxy Ring, Samsung’s first smart ring. Unfortunately, there are no discounts or deals on it at the moment. The sizing kit is free and you should use it to make sure you get the right fit (the Galaxy Ring comes in sizes from 5 to 13). You can also pick up 2 years of Samsung Care+ for $40 with unlimited repairs and mail-in repair or replacement.

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