Which is why, even with her eggs on ice, she’s starting to face some cold, hard facts. 

On the TLC series’ upcoming 12th season (premiering on July 9 at 9 p.m.), “I do go to the fertility doctor and he did give me some encouraging news,” Whitney recounted. “If I want to do IVF, I’ve got a few more years.”

However, she continued, “I want a partner. I know I could do it by myself, but I wouldn’t, honestly. Obviously, anything can happen in life where you end up being a single mom, but I don’t have the confidence to go in knowing I’m going to be single.” 

Which means unless her luck takes a turn, perhaps with a planned trip to Europe this fall, “I’m thinking if I can’t meet the right man, or even a man, what are the chances that I’m ready to have a baby in two or three years?” she questioned. “It’s scary. It really is. And I am just trying to assume it won’t happen, so that I can come to terms with that. And then if it does, that’ll be a nice surprise.”

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