Prince William has made a regal appearance during Royal Week.

The Prince of Wales joined King Charles III and Queen Camilla, along with Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, for the Thistle Service held in Edinburgh, Scotland July 3. There, both Camilla and Prince Edward were officially bestowed with the Order of the Thistle, Scotland’s highest order of chivalry.

According to the BBC, the Order of the Thistle—which serves as a gift from the reigning monarch—recognizes 16 knights who have offered a “particular contribution” to national life or held public office, as well as additional royal knights.

After the ceremony held at St. Giles’ Cathedral, Camila and Edward both left the event wearing their distinctive green velvet robes and hats adorned with feather plumes. As for William, he also wore a velvet robe complete with gold tassels during the service.

But completing his royal duties isn’t the only time the Prince of Wales recently had an outing that doubled as a family affair.

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