3Bros®Cookies, the only American stroopwafel bakery, is proud to announce its participation in Atlanta’s iconic Peachtree Road Race on July 4th, 2024. Participants in this year’s race will receive a special treat from 3Bros Cookies: Honey Booster® Energy Waffle. 

The AJC Peachtree Road Race, organized annually by Atlanta Track Club, is a celebrated event that draws runners from across the nation. As part of the race-day experience, participants will be fueled by the nutritious and delicious Honey Booster Energy Waffles, crafted with care by 3Bros Cookies. These easy-to-digest energy waffles are specially formulated to provide runners with a quick boost of energy and sustained endurance, perfect for tackling the challenging 6.2-mile course through the heart of Atlanta.

“As a third-generation Atlanta native, it is an honor to support the running community at the AJC Peachtree Road Race,” said Leslie Vliegen, Owner and Founder of 3Bros Cookies. “Our waffles are made with premium American ingredients and organic honey, ensuring that every runner enjoys a tasty and energizing treat during this historic event.”

“We are excited to partner with 3Bros Cookies on July 4th,” said Natalie Cabanas, Director of Marketing of Atlanta Track Club. “Their Honey Booster waffles are not only a great energy-boosting snack for participants, but they are also a delicious treat made by a local family bakery!”

Founded in 2020, 3Bros Cookies has been a staple in the Atlanta community, renowned for its commitment to quality and flavor. While other brands import their stroopwafels, 3Bros is the only stroopwafel manufacturing company in America, guaranteeing freshness and quality. The bakery’s signature stroopwafels have garnered a loyal following and the addition of the Honey Booster Energy Waffle extends their dedication to providing wholesome and satisfying treats.

For more information about 3Bros Cookies and their range of delicious offerings, visit 3BrosCookies.com or follow them on social media @3BrosCookies.

About 3Bros Cookies

3Bros Cookies is a family-owned bakery located in Atlanta, GA, specializing in deliciously fresh stroopwafels made in the USA with American ingredients and an American workforce. With a passion for quality ingredients and authentic flavors, 3Bros Cookies has been delighting customers since 2020. 3Bros Cookies is the only commercial bakery for stroopwafels in America.

For media inquiries, images, etc., please contact: Leslie Vliegen | 770 856 5917 | Leslie@3broscookies.com

Website: 3BrosCookies.com

Social media: Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @3BrosCookies

Source: 3Bros Cookies

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