Teledatics and Newracom Partner to Bring the TD-HALOM, the Highest-powered Wi-Fi HaLow Module, to Market.

Teledatics has launched and certified its TD-HALOM ultra-low power and long-range Wi-Fi HaLow module, with 1 Watt or 30 dBm output power, utilizing Newracom’s NRC7394 System-on-a-chip (SoC). This module is designed to operate at the maximum limits set by FCC, enabling communication with the farthest range and the best signal penetration achievable with  Wi-Fi HaLow. 

To be one of the first people to get hands on the TD-HALOM Wi-Fi HaLow module, there will be a crowdfunding campaign for the first commercial production on Crowd Supply. This gives everyone a chance to test out Wi-Fi HaLow with the most powerful module currently available. The project starts soon and will provide ongoing updates on what Wi-Fi HaLow can do with the TD-HALOM. 

This next-generation Wi-Fi HaLow module is perfect for applications that demand exceptional long-range connectivity. Ideal uses include drone operation, challenging industrial sites, and wide-area outdoor applications that require good throughput and reliable long-distance communication. The high-power output ensures that devices using the Wi-Fi HaLow module will stay connected over longer distances and achieve better throughput. 

The TD-HALOM features 30 dBm output power and supports 750 to 950 MHz bands. It has a small 13.5 mm by 18 mm footprint, with a 2.4 mm height, for easy integration into even the most compact designs. The module supports AP, Station/Client, and 802.11s mesh with a throughput maximum of 15 Mbps. It will be available in configured options of an evaluation kit Raspberry Pi or an M.2 interface board for quick and easy evaluation. 

“The TD-HALOM is the highest output power Wi-Fi HaLow module available on the market,” remarked Zac Freeman, VP of Marketing & Sales at Newracom. “The Teledatics TD-HALOM module transmits at the highest allowable FCC power output and offers a Maximum Range HaLow solution.” 

“This has been the fruition of a lot of hard work and support from both Teledatics and Newracom engineers, and the TD-HALOM will showcase the true distance and signal penetration capabilities of Wi-Fi HaLow as a technology allowable by federal regulations,” spoke James Ewing, CEO of Teledatics. 

Wi-Fi HaLow continues its drive for mass adoption, and the TD-HALOM expands the technology’s capabilities and use cases in the market. Wi-Fi HaLow is an ideal connectivity solution for a variety of IoT solutions and environments. To learn more about Newracom and the NRC7394, visit To learn more about TD-HALOM and Teledatics, visit and its crowdfunding campaign on Crowd Supply at

About Newracom, Inc. 

Newracom, Inc., located in Irvine, California, U.S., has rapidly become a leading developer and supplier of IoT-enabled wireless connectivity chipsets. We specialize in providing a broad range of Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11ah and IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac/ax) that covers various connectivity needs in our lives. With our extensive and diverse Wi-Fi solutions, NEWRACOM enables customers with a “one-stop shop,” offering a comprehensive solution that can serve multiple IoT applications, including Smart Grid, Wearables, Smart Home and Office, Healthcare, and Industrial Automation. For more information, please visit online at

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