Explore Leading Transformation Solutions, Attend Jared Jones’ Rapid Fire Session, and Meet DBSI’s In-House Experts

DBSI, a leading financial transformation firm, announces its participation in the upcoming Credit Union relEVENT (CU relEVENT) conference for the third consecutive year. Organized by Choice Creative Solutions, the conference will be held from June 23 to 25 at Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

CU relEVENT aims to bring together credit union executives to explore innovative ideas and strategies for staying relevant in an evolving industry. This year, DBSI is partnering with ClearLED to showcase its digital signage capabilities, featuring both traditional and transparent LED screens.

Attendees will have the opportunity to explore innovative solutions for upgrading their in-branch retail, flagship, and HQ experiences. DBSI’s collaboration with ClearLED will highlight how their media architecture solutions integrate seamlessly with a comprehensive transformation project, expanding the possibilities for industry-leading retail experiences in financial spaces.

In addition to showcasing its digital signage solutions, DBSI will have key representatives in attendance, including Jared Jones, SVP of Growth, Alisa Semyekhina, SVP of Digital Creative, and Donovan Forrai, Director of Sales. Jared Jones will host a Rapid Fire Session focused on the future of branch networks, drawing from his extensive experience in design-build, digital signage, client experience engineering, service, and equipment.

Jared Jones expressed his excitement about participating in this year’s event, “Credit Union relEvent is a unique platform that challenges traditional thinking and inspires innovation,” said Jones. “I’m honored to share my perspectives on the evolving landscape of branch networks and how we can continue to enhance member experiences.”

“DBSI is the epitome of what CU relEVENT is all about, providing cutting-edge solutions to the credit union industry. What makes credit unions so unique, are people like Jared who are on the ground floor of innovation, technology, and enhancing member experience,” commented Jeff Klein, President of Choice Creative Solutions and organizer of CU relEVENT.

Attendees will also be able to enjoy DBSI’s sponsored Bloody Mary bar, an annual event tradition. 

For more information about CU relEVENT 2024 and to register, please visit curelevent.com. Attendees can use the discount code DBSI150 for $150 off registration.

About ClearLED

ClearLED is the No.1 brand for transparent LED displays and a leading North American-based provider of versatile, high-performance display and digital signage technology. ClearLED’s solutions cater to diverse and demanding environments, creating unique visual experiences for clients. From small window posters to expansive custom walls, both indoor and outdoor, ClearLED’s sleek and modular designs offer flexible configurations for flat or curved surfaces. With a strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, ClearLED stands out as a trusted partner in delivering advanced display solutions tailored to clients’ needs. Visit the ClearLED website or find ClearLED on LinkedIn to learn more.

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