kelli insecure

kelli insecure

Oh my gosh, I’m always in the best mood in June. The weather is so breezy and warm, it feels like a kiss in your skin. To keep the vibes going strong, here are four funny TV scenes (and please share ones you love!)…

The character Kelli shines in Insecure, and I’m going to channel her if I ever run into a friend’s ex: “Everyone I associate with is thriving. In abundance. Limitless.”

In my favorite 30 Rock episode, Jon Hamm plays a hot guy in “the bubble,” meaning that everyone has always told him he’s a beautiful genius. “Been a long time since college, huh?” says Liz, when he’s terrible at tennis, and his answer is an earnest “What do you mean?”

New Girl’s Schmidt is desperate to be a Cool Guy, and this scene, where he practices talking to Cece, delights me every time.

In Catastrophe, Rob and Sharon have the funniest fights. I love how he ends with “If you touch me, I’ll scream,” and she can’t help laughing.

What are you watching these days? (Only two weeks until My Lady Jane!!!)

P.S. Three more funny TV scenes, and these made me laugh.

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