When it comes to Dick Van Dyke‘s gym routine at age 98, he’s proving he can still step in time.

“I’ve always exercised,” the Mary Poppins star told E! News in an exclusive interview at the 2024 Daytime Emmy Awards on June 7. Though, he joked his friends didn’t follow his lead when it came to working out. “And I think that’s why I have no friends left. They’re all dead.”

And Van Dyke expressed it’s especially crucial to keep that momentum going when aging. As people get older, he explained, “they get a little stiff and sore, and it begins to hurt to move. So they just stop moving all together, and you start to age fast.

“I’ve always exercised three days a week,” Van Dyke continued. “I work out with weights and the treadmill also and try to keep that up. You can’t stay young forever. You can stay young-minded forever. That’s why I never grew up.” 

One thing he may need to grow, however, is his trophy shelf. On June 7, Van Dyke made history as the oldest Daytime Emmy winner, with him taking home the statue in the Guest Performance in a Daytime Drama Series category for his work in Days of our Lives.

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