It’s been almost three years since Arcane, the Netflix animated series inspired by Riot Games’ global hit MOBA League of Legends, was released, and fans are dying for more. Thankfully, the long-awaited second season is finally within sight, with a November release window. And we’ve had a fresh (brief) glimpse.

With only a handful of months left until season two’s premiere, we have seen very little of the project. Thanks to a new teaser from Netflix, we now have roughly 15 seconds more footage than we did before. It’s not a lot, but it’s enough to get fans excited again.


The new footage appears in a promotional video from Netflix highlighting the streaming platform’s upcoming animation projects. The video itself is around three minutes and has a couple of clips from Arcane but the new footage appears at the 2:39 mark. The highlight of the short teaser is our first look at what the protagonist duo of Caitlyn and Vi will look like in the second season. The footage shows the two in a lineup of other characters, all of whom are enforcers (the name given to the city of Piltover’s police department).

Caitlyn’s new look is only a slight twist on her season one appearance, which makes sense given she was also an enforcer then—how much can a uniform really change? The highlights of her new appearance are a white beret, a red ribbon around her neck, and a pair of black pants. She looks much more in charge than the young enforcer we saw previously, so she may be leading some special task force.

Vi is sporting a whole new look, also donning an enforcer uniform, complete with her signature gauntlets as well as a more armored shoulder section of the jacket. Vi becoming an enforcer makes sense, given that’s what she is in League of Legends, but in the context of Arcane, it still feels weird to see. Overall, she looks so uncomfortable in the clothes of a cop, and who can blame her given how she grew up in the undercity under their cruel, authoritarian rule, the very thing that led her to distrust Caitlyn at the beginning of season one. Who knows if she’ll be able to stand the new threads for long?

As for the other three characters we see in the new footage, they both appear to be original characters to Arcane, not taken directly from League of Legends. That might spell trouble for them as it gives the show more room to make their fates less than good. The full lineup does appear to support the idea of a special enforcer task force led by Caitlyn. Given the cliffhanger ending of season one—in which we see Jinx launching a rocket directly at the Piltover council—the gang will surely have a lot of new problems to tackle.


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