Sam Heughan‘s love for Taylor Swift is reaching outlandish proportions. 

In a behind the scenes clip from Outlander, the actor behind Jamie Fraser joked that when he and the cast go to see Taylor perform at her upcoming Eras Tour shows in Scotland, he hopes he might be able to steal her from her guy on the Chiefs, Travis Kelce. Because if she’s a thief, Sam is clearly ready to join the heist.

“She obviously doesn’t know this,” he began in the clip, “but when she comes to Scotland and she sees me in the audience, she’s going to forget all about…him. And fall for a man in a ginger wig.”

Sam jokingly added, “How could she resist? She’s going to shake him off, and take me out instead.”

The 44-year-old even shared the video to Instagram, captioning the June 5 post, “Welcome to Scotland Taylor!”

But while Taylor’s heart has been captured by Travis for far longer than a fortnight, with lyric references like Sam’s, perhaps he can be promoted to Swiftie in chief. Because after all, Travis and Taylor’s love story has already endured for nearly a year. 

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