Mon dieu! You’ll want to sit down for this sneak peek at Emily in Paris.

Season four of the hit Netflix series is just around the corner—with part one set to release August 15, followed by part two September 12—and these first look images promise the season to be just as extravagant and fashionable as the previous three.

Not only do the photos tease some of the most out-there fashion choices yet for Lily Collins‘ Emily (including cold weather looks of a pink, blue, black and purple fur coat, followed by a brown furry beanie, matching fur pullover and dramatic sunglasses), but they also depict a steamy moment between Emily and Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) juxtaposed by a much frostier one between Emily and Gabriel’s ex-fiancée Camille (Camille Razat).

Need a refresher on why these hot and cold moments came to be? Let’s rewind to the end of season three, where Emily found herself at the center of yet another love triangle (though “square” is perhaps a better descriptor).

In the season finale, Gabriel and Camille are on the precipice of tying the knot—and we mean that literally, as they’re standing at the altar—when Camille calls it off, citing Gabriel’s unresolved feelings for Emily. The confession causes Emily’s boyfriend Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) to break up with her. 

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