This whole superposition idea seemed relatively comprehensible in the beginning.

But, as Dark Matter (2024) Season 1 Episode 6, the longer the two Jasons and Amanda aren’t in their worlds, the more complicated things have gotten for them.

What they’re all discovering is it’s the little things that count.

That was all it had been for Jason1 and Amanda — a lot of frustrating swings and near misses.

Jason1 has religiously been noting the differences between the planet they had just visited and his home world.

The question is why. Are those doors in The Corridor numbered, and we just don’t realize it?

Here’s something that isn’t readily apparent to the non-experimental physicists among us viewers.

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Supposedly, the state of mind of the person opening the door in The Corridor influences how the world on the other side manifests itself.

So, does that mean all these imperfect copies are being produced because Jason1 fails to supply sufficient details of his home planet?

If that’s the case, it’s understandable. Having lost his family to an imposter on Dark Matter (2024) Season 1 Episode 1 and having only a limited handle on the process has to be wearing on him.

That’s why Amanda had the great idea of taking a night off and staying in a hotel room in their current dimension.

A quibble: How could they possibly have funds to pay for services in another dimension?

I suppose if you’re suspending disbelief, you should suspend it hard. Don’t interrupt the narrative flow with logic.

Several problems are looming with their partnership.

First, they’re thrown together in a situation few others have experienced.

So, it was only natural for the couple to draw closer to each other.

After a fun night out of eating and dancing at a restaurant, which was essentially their first date, they still had the willpower to end up in separate beds.

But how long is that going to last? The possibility of Jason1 landing back in his dimension is getting slimmer, and Amanda’s getting home is even worse.

Meeting blonde artist Daniela must have reinforced for Jason1 how lucky he was to have landed such a woman once.

So, under the circumstances, would it be so bad for them to set up a home in one of these Chicagos? Sure, there’s likely already a Jason and an Amanda living there, but details.

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Amanda has something else to consider. As Blair2 pointed out to her on Dark Matter (2024) Season 1 Episode 5, she needs to stop faithfully supporting Jason1 and decide her future.

Yes, Jason1 is a better version of her Jason. But he’s still hellbent on getting home to Daniela. Where does that leave her?

Another problem is that Jason1 is getting stalkerish, just like Jason2 was. It’s time for a change when he starts following Jason and his family in a dimension.

With only ten ampules remaining, they’ve got five shots to hit paydirt. So Amanda was right to suggest a different strategy, although she didn’t know what that would be.

However, Jason2 has made finding Jason1’s home world more difficult for myriad reasons. He’s also made his own departure harder.

Wouldn’t you think Jason2 would have done all his homework before bidding farewell to his home planet?

As Amanda and Jason1 discussed, every version of a person has the same essence. It’s the personality that’s built on top of that that makes them different.

As Daniela and Charlie have determined, there’s something different about Jason these days.

It can be something as insignificant as flossing. It can be something bigger, like forgetting the remembrance ceremony for their late son on Dark Matter (2024) Season 1 Episode 4.

Or how about forgetting your son’s allergy and almost killing him with a pint of rocky road? Yeah, it was likely that which pushed Daniela over the top.

And, for rubbing salt in the wound, how about Jason2 looking up Amanda1, who was also a therapist, not a manager of a White Castle?

He sounded like a man looking to run, mainly because it would be easy enough for him to make another try at family somewhere else.

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Then, after the debacle of his grand romantic gesture, Amanda1 accused him of fearing commitment. So Jason2 doubled down, trying to make things work with his current faux-mily.

Unfortunately, the train had left the station as Daniela followed him to his storage unit and snagged an ampule of his formula.

Daniela took that to another doomed Ryan, this time Ryan1, who was shocked to find out Jason2 had developed his version of Ryan1’s formula.

Ryan1 was intelligent enough to win the Pavia Prize yet too gullible to be suspicious when Jason2 revealed everything about his secret project.

He spelled out the whole concept of superposition (which was still difficult to follow) and even took Ryan1 for a ride in The Box.

It was perfectly in character for Jason1 to abandon Ryan1 in yet another version of Chicago and then board up The Box to keep him and Jason1 from returning. Now that Jason2 knows she’s been collaborating with the MIA Ryan1, Daniela is at risk.

Who do you have more sympathy for: Jason1 or Amanda?

How can they improve on their hit-and-miss approach?

Has Jason2 been found out?

Comment below.

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