Kanye West is facing legal action from his former assistant. 

Lauren Pisciotta is suing West for a number of complaints, including wrongful termination, sexual harassment—quid pro quo and hostile environment—unlawful retaliation, unpaid wages and gender discrimination, as seen in documents obtained by E! News. 

Pisciotta worked for West for about a year and a half after she was hired by the “Runaway” rapper in July 2021. At the time, she was making around $1 million per year through social media and an OnlyFans account—of which she alleges in her suit that West approved. However a year later, she claims West asked that Pisciotta become “God like” and delete her OnlyFans account. According to the suit, West promised to pay Pisciotta $1 million in compensation for the loss of the account, but that he allegedly never paid. 

Additionally, Pisciotta claims in her suit that West sent her a multitude of inappropriate and graphically sexual messages and videos throughout her employment, examples of which included in the documents describe his sexual fantasies, sexual encounters with an unnamed model and other messages which “suggested or insinuated that Plaintiff [Pisciotta] wanted to have sex with Defendant [West] and actually had sexual intercourse with Defendant, when in fact she did not want to and never indeed did do.”

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