On the nightstand next to my bed I used to have a pile of cords. One was for my phone, one for my fitness tracker, one for my AirPods, and one for my tablet. And it was a mess. That is, until I broke down and bought a charging station. One simple product has cleaned up my nightstand and served as a friendly reminder to charge my devices every night (I always, always forget). To bring this kind of order into your life, I’ve arranged a list of the best charging stations that are first and foremost: sleek, stylish, and functional. There are options for your iPhones, Androids, tablets, AirPods, earbuds, Apple Watch, smart watches, and anything else that needs a charge.

Keeping an eye on design, some of these charging stations don’t even look like a charging station. One looks like a sleek leather tray that can also hold your keys or jewelry, and another looks like a sculptured piece of wood. If you need to charge more than just your phone, there’s an option with 6 ports with several included wires for connection. Need a charging station for travel? There’s a 3-in-1 charger that conveniently folds for handy portability.

You’ll find cool, streamlined, and functional charges, both wireless and wired, for all kinds of devices below. So, start scrolling and start tidying up your nightstand, desk, and more.

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