The other morning, I had coffee with my friend Erika Veurink, who writes the newsletter Long Live and runs a funny Instagram. She was wearing a blue-and-white striped shirt over red shorts with gold necklaces, and I loved all of it.

“An oversized striped shirt is a cheat code to looking like you walked out of a 1993 J.Crew catalog,” Erika told me. As for styling, she says, “bigger is better, always push up the sleeves a little bit, and when in doubt undo one extra button.” She made this handy video for us:

When I wear one, I do only the middle two buttons (so it’s slightly open and a little sexy), and then wear it over white shorts or track shorts.

Joanna Goddard

Here are pretty shirts: splurge, steal, oversized (go down two sizes; it will still be big), bluey, relaxed.

Which do you like? Will you wear one? Love an effortless summer uniform.

P.S. Cool weeks of outfits, and the shoes I’m seeing all over NYC.

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