April Fools prank

This little trickster pranked us all today…

“We’re making cake pops!” Anton’s sitter texted me, while I was at the bank. She sent this adorable photo, above, and I wrote back that I couldn’t wait to try one.

When I got home, Anton presented a dish of cake pops, and I gamely picked one up and took a big bite. The texture is…off, I thought to myself, trying to maintain a poker face. Am I eating the wrapper? Why does this taste so BITTER?

I looked down at the cake pop I’d just bitten into and realized — IT WAS A FROSTING-COVERED BRUSSELS SPROUT! Well played, Anton, well played.

April Fools prank

Have you done/received any pranks today?

P.S. When Harry Met Sally prank, and Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm photobomb people.

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