That afternoon, he texted two close friends, saying Kouri had left him a note and a sandwich from his favorite diner and that after he ate some of it, he broke out in hives. He told one of the friends, “I think my wife tried to poison me,” the documents state, adding that Eric had no food allergies.

According to the charging documents, the following June, three months after his death, Kouri recounted the sandwich incident while texting a friend, writing, “He said the sandwich hurt his stomach so he was going to take a nap! No hives, no epi pen!”

In addition to her attempted murder charge, Kouri also faces three counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, two counts of mortgage fraud, two counts of insurance fraud and three counts of forgery. In the latest filing, prosecutors allege she was in financial distress at the time of Eric’s death and she is accused of fraudulently claiming insurance benefits after he died.

In response to the new filing, Kouri’s attorney Skye Lazaro told NBC News in a statement, “There is nothing in the document that affects Kouri’s approach to defending whatever charges the State levies against her. She continues to maintain her innocence.”

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