There is a lot to see on the outside of the Samsung Galaxy A55 – things like the Gorilla Glass Victus+ and the aluminum frame (with fancy grooved sides). But have you wondered what’s inside the A55? The teardown video from PBKreviews will answer that question.

The phone comes apart easily once you remove the back panel – there are just Phillips screws holding things together. And the battery has a pull tab to make removing it much easier. Have a look:

Overall, the Galaxy A55 earned a high 8.5/10 on the repairability score. The phone got knocked half a point in three categories. The display cable goes through a circuitous route, but is otherwise not difficult to replace and doesn’t require full disassembly.

The Galaxy A55 also replaces the Exynos 1380 of its predecessor with the new Exynos 1480. This chip packs an AMD GPU and runs its A78/A55 CPU at higher clocks. To keep things cool, Samsung equipped the A55 with a large vapor chamber – here is how it compares to the A54 vapor chamber:

Vapor chamber comparison: Galaxy A55
Vapor chamber comparison: Galaxy A54

Vapor chamber comparison: Galaxy A55 • Galaxy A54

We are working on a detailed review of the Samsung Galaxy A55 and we have already completed the battery test – here are the results.


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