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Hallmark announced today that it has renewed its critically acclaimed hit series The Way Home for Season 3.

The news first broke on Hallmark Channel’s Instagram page with a video featuring series stars Andie MacDowell (Maid, Cedar Cove), Chyler Leigh (Supergirl, Grey’s Anatomy), Evan Williams (Blonde, Versailles) and Sadie Laflamme-Snow (Unicorn Academy, Slasher).

Set to return in 2025, the multigenerational family drama with a fascinating time travel twist has captivated the hearts and minds of viewers and critics alike.

All across social media, The Way Home fans have been urging fellow viewers to flood feeds with #TheWayHomeSeason3 to ensure renewal, but they needn’t have worried.

Since The Way Home Season 2 Episode 1, The Way Home has been a ratings winner for Hallmark Channel and is tops in multiple demos on an L+3 basis.

The Way Home Season 2 is the #1 most-watched program overall on entertainment cable among Households, Total Viewers, and Women and Persons 18+.

For seven consecutive episodes, The Way Home has ranked among the top three most-watched entertainment cable programs of the week with Women 18+

And the series ranked among the top two most-watched entertainment cable programs every Sunday for seven consecutive episodes with Households, Total Viewers, and Women and Persons 18+.

Note that it’s far more than women who are tuning into this fascinating look into a family and their past through a magical time-travel-generating pond.

Since the first pond jump of The Way Home Season 1, critics have noted that the series was a game-changer for the network, and fans have followed suit.

It’s no wonder. There isn’t anyone among us who wouldn’t like the opportunity to right past wrongs or at least get a bird’s eye view of the mistakes you made to ensure they don’t happen again.

The Way Home is a heartwarming tale of love and loss following three generations of Landry women who reunite in their family town of Port Haven after almost two decades of separation.

Near-simultaneous family tragedies tore seven-year-old Jacob Landry and his father Colton away from the women who loved them, Del Landry and her daughter Kat, and their relationship suffered as a result.

Years later, Kat returned home with her daughter, Alice, and they began a new life with Del in Port Haven.

The Way Home Season 2 finds Kat traveling back to 1814 in her quest to find her missing brother Jacob and bring him home.

Her time there brings new mysteries and she bridges the past and present in her attempt to finally reunite her family.

In the present day, Del is faced with uncertainty about the future of Landry farm, which has been in their family since the founding days of Port Haven.

A potential new romance finds her grappling with her grief for her late husband Colton (Jefferson Brown, Masters of Romance, Slasher) and reconciling her enduring love for him with the idea of moving on to someone new.

Alice has her own time travel journey to the more recent past, where she gets a front-row seat to her own beginnings that also bring shocking revelations.

With Elliot Augustine (Evan Williams) back in Port Haven following his travels, his relationships with both Kat and Alice are in a state of flux as their time traveling brings new information and experiences that will have a lasting impact on them all.

“Once again, our cast, writers, and entire crew have used their impressive talents to create a story that is just as compelling and addictive as the first season,” began Lisa Hamilton Daly, Executive Vice President Programming, Hallmark Media.

“We’re grateful to the fans who are so passionate about the series and can’t wait for them to see what – and when – is ahead for Season 3.”

“Heather Conkie, Alexandra Clarke, and Marly Reed continue to blow us away with the cleverly crafted story they’ve created and careful thought they put into every single detail,” said Kelly Garrett, Vice President, Development, Hallmark Media.

“While some questions will be answered by the end of this season, the Landrys’ journey is far from over, and there’s much more to tell.”

Is this fantastic news or what?

For more details on past The Way Home episodes, you can follow along with our recaps and The Way Home reviews.

New episodes of The Way Home air on Sundays through March 31.

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