One thing Andrew Keegan hates? Clickbait.  

After headlines insinuated the 10 Things I Hate About You actor was once a cult leader, Andrew finally decided to set the record straight. Now, he’s reflecting on why he chose to speak to the rumors with friend Danielle Fishel in the first place.

“We were doing the podcast for Pod Meets World, and Danielle is a dear friend and we were just having a very friend to friend conversation on the podcast,” he exclusively told E! News at 90s Con March 16. “It wasn’t intended to necessarily spread—people were excited about it. But yeah it’s an interesting situation.”

He added, “I really focused in that conversation about how it’s really clickbait. They use a word like cult and make it something more than it really is.”

So what was it, really, when the ‘90s star bought an abandoned temple in 2014 to host a series of spiritual gatherings?

“There was this interesting group of hippie types, if you will, in Venice,” Andrew explained in the Feb. 12 podcast episode. “I was connected with some folks and we had this opportunity. This old Hare Krishna Temple, it was sitting there empty and we were like, ‘Why don’t we get some people together, and let’s open this place up?'”


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