United Airlines isn’t winging it when it comes to safety.

After a series of terrifying incidents—on March 15, a panel was discovered missing from another Boeing plane—the airlines’ CEO Scott Kirby spoke out to reassure passengers everything will be OK.

“Safety is our highest priority and is at the center of everything we do,” Kirby wrote in a March 18 statement. “Unfortunately, in the past few weeks, our airline has experienced a number of incidents that are reminders of the importance of safety. While they are all unrelated, I want you to know that these incidents have our attention and have sharpened our focus.”

This month, four incidents befell United flights, all of which used Boeing aircrafts. In Houston, a Boeing 737-900ER poured flames from an engine after takeoff and a Boeing 737 Max slid off the runway. Meanwhile, in San Francisco, a Boeing 777 lost a wheel during takeoff comma and while leaving Sydney, a Boeing 777 trailed hydraulic fluid.

“Our team is reviewing the details of each case to understand what happened,” Kirby continued in his statement, “and using those insights to inform our safety training and procedures across all employee groups.”


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