On Thursday 28 March 2024, the online screening series of the 6th International Roma Heroes Theatre Festival concludes on the Howlround platform. As the final performance, organizers Balogh Rodrigó (Hungary), Illés Márton (Hungary), Sebastian Spinella (Italy), and Mihaela Drăgan (Romania) will close the event with a joint roundtable discussion, moderated by Noémi Herczog, a theatre journalist.

All participants are theatre creators whose works were featured at this past year’s Budapest festival, and the moderator has published a series of articles focusing on Roma theatrical self-representation. The main topics of the event include not only last year’s festival but also an assessment of the situation of European Roma troupes, ongoing and future collaborative projects, and Roma theatrical representation. 

What has changed and what remains the same over the years since the Roma Theater Festival series started in Budapest and conquered Europe?


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