The team at Vines Art Society is excited to introduce the ecosystems Symposium: Strengthening Artist Relations.

This four-day symposium is an opportunity for arts and culture workers to come together to nurture relationships to each other and sow seeds for growth in the sector.

The ecosystems symposium is an introduction to a multi-pronged approach to strengthening artist relations. Each day of the symposium will focus on one of the three pillars of ecosystems: Artist Care, Advocacy and Repair, and Wise Practices.

For three days participants will join in learning and listening from knowledge holders with living and professional experience; share meals, participate in ceremony, and witness art. On the fourth day a community market and show will be hosted.

This space will be offered for peers and colleagues who are looking for tools to enact systemic change in tangible ways, with help from community members who are leading trailblazing work. This professional development opportunity will include workshops and panels curated with the care and intentionality.

  • Day 1, Nov. 29th: Mycelium: Artist Care

  • Day 2, Nov. 30th: Forest: Advocacy & Repair

  • Day 3, Dec. 1st: Waterways: Wise Practices

  • Day 4, Dec. 2nd: Foraging: Market and Music

All tickets include lunch and refreshments.

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