Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance GVPTA encourages arts, culture, and heritage workers, artists, and organizations from all disciplines across British Columbia to complete the B.C. Arts, Culture, & Heritage Sector Insights Survey to help them better understand, advocate, and inform government, funders, and stakeholders on the current state of the sector.

This survey is led by GVPTA, on behalf of and in collaboration with a coalition of B.C.-based arts, culture, and heritage service organizations that represent thousands of arts, culture, and heritage organizations across BC and in every community and region. This includes hundreds of cultural businesses, venues, festivals, consultants, and independent practitioners, as well as thousands of professional artists, cultural practitioners, and volunteers throughout the province.

You can review previous examples of our sector-wide surveys and reports here and here

What does this survey explore?

Some of the areas this survey explores include:

  • Working in the sector – What are artists’ and workers’ incomes for 2023, and do they expect to be working in the sector over the coming year?

  • Obstacles – What obstacles have artists, workers, and organizations faced last year, and do they expect to face in the coming months?

  • Risks – How are individuals and organizations feeling about their cash flow and current housing or facility stability?  

  • Organizational Structure – What is the current makeup of governance and decision-making structures that exist within organizations?

  • Health and Safety – What steps are being taken, and what concerns exist as we move into respiratory illness season?

  • Mental Health and Optimism – What levels of stress and anxiety are folks feeling right now, and how optimistic are they as we head into 2024?

  • Supports – What kind of support or resources is the community looking for from arts funders, the government, and the arts and culture community?

  • Attendance Trends – Reflections on positive and negative trends in patron attendance over the past 6 months.

Note: Questions will differ based on whether responding as an individual or on behalf of an organization).

Why should I fill out the survey?

Your input is valuable in helping CVPTA understand the current realities felt by the cultural sector in British Columbia, and to assist arts service organizations in advocating for you. 

The resulting report will be shared with federal, provincial, and municipal governments, arts funders, and stakeholders within the community to help convey the current status of our sector and inform decision-making. 

Survey fatigue is real, but we urge all artists, arts and cultural workers and organizations to complete the survey today – even if your organization has closed, or you have recently left the sector. All input is important.

How long will it take?

The survey will take 12–15 minutes but will vary depending on how many questions you choose to answer. Most questions in the survey are optional.

If you have questions about the survey, contact GVPTA executive director Kenji Maeda at kenji@gvpta.ca.

Click here to start the survey.

Closing Date: Nov. 20th, 2023


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