BC’s Cultural Economy is a National Growth Leader: Did you know that between 2010 and 2021 the average province in Canada saw its arts, culture, and heritage GDP shrink by 12% and BC’s cultural economy broke the trends and grew by 7%? (Source: Hill Strategies, 2023)

Greater Investment in Arts, Culture, and Heritage Creates More Jobs: In 2010, 89% of all arts, culture, and heritage organizations in BC received less provincial funding than peer organizations in other provinces. Since 2017, the BC Government has made significant investments in the cultural sector and now BC is the national leader in creating new culture sector jobs, growing 26% faster than the national average. (Source: Hill Strategies, 2023)

BC’s Arts, Culture, and Heritage Sector is Big: BC’s cultural economy totalled $8.6 billion in 2021. This means BC’s arts, culture, and heritage sector is bigger than the Forestry sector and also bigger than the Hotel sector. (Source: Government of BC, 2023)

BC is a National Arts Leader: Did you know that one in every five artists in Canada lives in BC? (Source: Government of BC, 2023)

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