Some people have all the luck. Abe Carver is not one of them.

He still hasn’t regained his memories after being hit in the head and kidnapped by a delusional-with-grief nurse. He has been rebuilding his relationship with Paulina, only for her to become seriously ill.

According to spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 3-04-24, Paulina’s health takes such a bad turn that she and the family prepare for her death. But will she get a last-minute miracle?

Since there’s been no news about Jackee Harry leaving Days of Our Lives, Paulina will likely survive — but in the meantime, this will be a painful time for her and her family.

According to spoilers, Paulina will turn to Marlena, telling her tearfully she doesn’t want to die, while her family sits vigil at her bedside, praying she makes it.

There has been a lot of fan speculation about who might die to give Paulina their heart since hers is failing.

Harris was a fan favorite for this, but since he not only survived a second assassination attempt but transformed into a superhero who ripped off his oxygen mask to overpower his attacker, that’s not likely.

It would be a refreshing twist on the tired TV trope of getting a last-minute medical miracle if Clyde or the evil Officer Goldman were killed and ended up giving their heart to the mayor who was desperate to stop their crime spree.

In the meantime, this story will give some meaty material to James Reynolds, Jackee Harry, Raven Bowens, and Sal Stowers.

I keep wondering if it’ll also finally spark Abe’s long-absent memories.

Not only did his first wife die of a brain tumor, but he sat vigil by a comatose Theo’s bedside after JJ shot Theo — making the situation with Paulina the perfect parallel to remind him of his past.

At this point, Abe has regained his personality but has no memory of his past — something that could only happen in Salem.

That means the writers could leave him memoryless for the rest of his life without harming his character. Still, if there was ever a dramatic moment for him to regain his memories, this is it!

Please scroll down to check out all eight Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 3-04-24.

Are Paulina’s days numbered despite Abe and Lani’s prayers?

As mentioned above, Paulina will likely survive, but it’ll be touch-and-go.

Although some fans think Marlena is overplayed, her scenes with Paulina should be good. Counseling terminally ill patients is supposed to be part of her job.

The family will also pull together to support Abe and Paulina — but where is Theo? And even more importantly, why isn’t Marla Gibbs making another guest appearance as Paulina’s mother since her daughter is supposed to be dying?

Clyde threatens Ava, but will her allies put a stop to his nonsense?

Ava Vitalia does what she should have done all along and turns to John and Steve for help.

You’d think a former Mafia Princess wouldn’t have let it get to this point, but here we are.

Things get weird after that — according to the spoiler video, John and Steve try to break Clyde out of prison. What?

Kate and Roman visit Lucas, but is this a good idea?

Lucas has a new safe house that is supposedly leak-free… but how will it stay that way if his parents come to visit?

Depending on where it is, Roman could offer a convincing cover story for why he’s there. But if Kate and Roman go together, it makes it more obvious that they are visiting Lucas.

I’m glad Lucas will have screen time, but sheesh! Common sense, people.

While Harris tells Rafe about Goldman, Stefan turns to EJ for help.

It was as unrealistic as it was hilarious that Stefan and Goldman both ran away after a recently comatose man got the better of them. Now Harris is free to tell Rafe what’s happening.

Goldman should have taken that nurse hostage as long as she was about to go down anyway!

What will Rafe do about this? Jada is still busy hurting over her split for the sake of drama with Bobby years ago, so can she shift gears and arrest Goldman?

And by ‘help,’ does Stefan mean doing the right thing and helping EJ nail Clyde legally, or does he again want to convince the DA to hire a hitman to take Clyde out?

The danger intensifies for Tripp and Wendy.

This SHOULD be exciting, but it’s not.

Sadly, Tripp and Wendy are Salem’s most boring couple; even intense danger doesn’t change that.

According to the spoiler video, the two realize their air supply is being cut off — yet they seem able to breathe perfectly fine as they make plans to unofficially marry before their deaths. Yawn.

Everett opens up to Julie, but does he know more than he’s letting on?

Every spoiler about Everett makes it sound like he remembers being Bobby, but so far, he’s just told people that Jada accused him of it. So why should this be any different?

Doug and Julie first met Everett during the holidays, and Doug liked the young man. But with the recent Horton fire, Julie may not be in the mood for someone whose backstory sounds sketchy.

Still, these scenes should be fascinating. Julie was Nick Fallon’s biggest champion despite his horrific actions. Will she react similarly to Blake Berris’ new character?

Tate gets a new lawyer who has bold ideas.

I’m not sure why Tate needs a new lawyer. Justin un-quit after Alex stopped interfering and recently got Tate moved to a new halfway house closer to home.

His new lawyer is Sloan, probably courtesy of ex-lover Alex. Ugh.

Sloan’s ideas will probably get Tate in more trouble, not less. However, it would be interesting if Tate was the one to find out that Sloan kidnapped Nicole-s supposedly dead baby.

Tate is one of the few characters to have realistic mental health issues right now, so his reaction to that kind of reveal would make for riveting television!

Brady pleads for Nicole to let him see Holly.

Brady thinks that if he can talk to Holly, he can get proof that Tate is innocent.

Did this idea come from Sloan?

It seems like a recipe for contrived drama, but in any case, the spoiler video shows Holly telling Nicole that Tate was not responsible for giving her the drugs. I hope EJ believes her.

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